PawPrince Seatbelt Harness

We had a great opportunity to try the new PawPrince Seatbelt Harness.  You can find it here on amazon (


The Secret to Save Your Dog’s Life While Driving
Are you concerned to keep your dog safe while driving distraction free?

Now you can protect your dog while car traveling and drive distraction free with the Best Dog Seatbelt Harness available.

The Best Dog Seatbelt Harness for Loving & Concerned Owners:

The Dog Seat belts guarantees safety and comfort for your dog without causing any inconvenience to you and your family while driving.”

You actually buckle it up in to  the seat belt contraption. Which is really cool!


It seems to be really really sturdy and strong. You put it on like a regular dog harness.

Our only complaint about it is that it runs REALLY REALLY small. We got a large and it barely fit Fling. It also didn’t come with any instructions.

6 thoughts on “PawPrince Seatbelt Harness

  1. oh this is such good news. But is it only for front seat seatbelts? isn’t it dangerous for dogs to travel in the front seat in case of an accident the airbag could suffocate them? so is it possible for this belt to be fixed to backseat too?

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