A 3 year old, blue merle, mini Australian Shepherd and a 2 year old, red tri, Australian shepherd being wild and funny. Loving life in Virginia!

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  1. HI Aussie “guys”! We (Ray and I) have just been advised that you are following our Blog. That is sooo cool! Ray does not actually do the writing because his feet are rather large for the keyboard however, he does give me loads of material to work with. We hope you enjoy reading our (teamwork!) Posts as much as we enjoy writing them. Thx again (and a deep WOOF! from Ray).

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    • LOL, we had a cat who printed out stationery on my computer when I inadvertantly left it on…but I am assuming Ray’s feet are even bigger those on our 22 pound Maine Coon cat. My daughter is setting up a field trial arena again for our golden retriever/border collie (looks mostly like a golden retriever). He used to be quite good at it. She may also work her friend’s new Aussie there. Sure the dogs will give you more than enough material! Thanks for stopping by, and looking forward to your posts.

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    • What, he can’t type? OK neither does my 12 year-old hip-less Aussie wonder dog. It’s a flaw in the breed or mixed breed in our case. Thanks for checking out my blog cookingwithdee.net. I’m about to change the theme to Napping Dog Press. But we’ve a sighthound pup for two weeks so they are teaching each other bad habits, negative that she’s only two and my dog has way too many bad habits to teach. No harm, no foul, sighthound and herder get along great, like sisters. Yes, like sisters so it’s switching beds (including ours) and only toy, keep-away. As dogs they have to be caught in the act and not tell on each other. You get the picture. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Mumsy's Little Chancy Man says:

    You two are beautiful! Thanks for stopping by Chancy’s blog and leaving a “like” Hugs and nose kisses


  3. Hi there! Thank you for following Jacques’ Dog Blog! You have got two gorgeous pups there!! We are looking forward to catching up on your adventures and to reading about your new ones!


  4. A fine American G’day to Blanket and Fling. I really appreciate your stopping by my blog. I was wondering if there are any dog rescues or shelters in your area that you would like for me to add to my listing so our wonderful canine friends might find their human friend near you! Thanks!


  5. Hey guys, I am an Aussie life coach. I had a tricky start to life with my pregnant mother wondering the streets, sad and distressed, three days prior giving birth to me and seven siblings in Carnarvon. I was rescued from all sorts of problems and as a consequence have heightened street cred. Thought I’d give back by being a life coach. Be good to meet up one day. You following my blog? Yours in good faith; Stellar13.com


  6. Thank you for the recent visit to my blog page. I am truly humble, and grateful for the visit. Continue blessings as you share your creative unique gift with the universe, and know with certainty it is always supported in love .

    Love& Light

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  7. Love to the Aussies! Glad you discovered our blog…although we haven’t gone all out in our doggie material, we too feature their antics quite often. Perhaps the two Aussies will appreciate our pets’ antics as much as we enjoy theirs. P.S., I just visited Australia for the first time and loved it. Everyone sends their best wishes to the expats…


  8. Hey, thanks for stopping by, love your blog too. Appreciate the welcome to a new blogger πŸ™‚
    And might I say, your shepherd looked so familiar and the eyes, especially. Then I realized, wow, that is Omar Sharif πŸ™‚ Excuse my eyes, I didn’t need glasses until my wife got all envious and took me to an eye doctor and insisted I get one. Now that I have got glasses I cannot really see anything anymore. But still, Omar Sharif it is… πŸ˜€


  9. lemongrass says:

    Thanks for the like on my post!
    Quite frankly, I love dogs. And these two seem to be enjoying life at their leisure. Makes me jealous. XD


  10. Bridgette's Digits πŸ”› An Epic Weight Loss Journey says:

    They r darling! U have two real dogs… LOL πŸ˜‚ my two little guys r just a hot doggie mess.


  11. Hi, thanks for dropping by the website and listening to the Dad’s Diary podcast. I appreciate you taking the time to like the post and I hope you’ll continue to come back and enjoy future episodes too.


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