Buncha Reviews

We ordered a bunch of things from PawPrince to try out and love these!

First is a self cleaning (!!!!!) brush slicker brush.


It even has indents for your fingers for it to be as comfortable for you as possible. Who thinks of these things? I love it.

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It has an extra shield with a button to push the hair to the end of the bristles. Love love love.

Now to test on the dogs…


Well…Flings face says it all. He loves it. (Brush time has always been his favorite due to the attention and love he gets from it)


Blanket’s fur sure looks nice and smooth after the brushing!

Now for the true test…the self cleaning

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Okay. I am in love. It just pushed the hair off so easily. Definitely recommend this product. It comes in blue or pink. It is on the high end for $36.00. You can view it here



A Travel Dog Bowl with case. This one I am most excited about because I am getting ready to go to the beach in 2 weeks and wanted something just like this.

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They  fold up so easily and fit in the case. Perfect perfect for traveling.

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And they weren’t scared of it! They are usually so goofy and scared of the oddest things.


Fling says two paws up. PS- Look at this back paws! lol!

This is $36 too so it is a little pricey. You can find it here



An Elevated Dog Bowl Feeder.

Finally. Because I am so tired of digging through my unorganized Tupperware.

20150516_110719 20150516_110724 20150516_110737 20150516_110742


It is super easy to take apart and put back together. I think my favorite thing about it is that it’s easy to store and not take up much space if you ever decide to put it away. The bowls are just like the travel bowls and can be folded back up.

Once again its $36. So on the high end. It comes in blue or pink.


Almost done..

For this next one, before you get mad and say “shocking your dog is awful,” please don’t judge. Blanket was raised on an invisible fence at my parents and it literally only took him 2 shocks before he knew what to do. Now when we go over there..he STILL doesn’t go past where the invisible fence was. And they aren’t really painful shocks..they are more of just a “BOO! gotcha” surprise shocking shock. Yes I would prefer an actual visible fence around the yard, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

20150516_111857 20150516_111912 20150516_112053

I didn’t get into this one much because it’s actually a house warming present for my sister so she can finally get her dream Saint Bernard! But I did mess around with it a little.  It comes with a wall mounted transmitter, rechargeable and waterproof collar receiver, adjustable collar, ac adapter, 300 meters of wire, 2 extra metal contact points, 20x training flags, test light tool, and screws. The 300 meters covers about 0.8 acres which is perfect for her yard. My favorite parts are that it is a rechargeable collar so you don’t have to keep purchasing batteries for it. I also love that it comes with the training flags. The purpose of the flags is to put them around where the wire is placed so your dog sees them. You are supposed to FIRST teach your dogs that just the flags are bad with the collar turned off. Then once they are used to that you turn the collar on and when they don’t go near the flags you reward them, if they do then the collar will send them a warning sound. It’s when they don’t listen to the warning sound is when it shocks them and remember, it’s not even a painful shock, it’s more of a “boo! surprise!” shocking shock. Dog’s are smart and it really will only take a few times before they learn.

The invisible fence is $75 and in my opinion that’s really good for an invisible fence.

You can find it here


And last…

20150516_111327 20150516_111307

Their dog retractable leash.

Some people also have strong opinions about retractable leashes, but if you have a well trained loose leash walking dog you’re fine. This leash is sturdy, strong, and pretty! It retracts well, comes out well, and locks well. It’s only for dogs 44 lbs or less so Fling can’t use it, but Blanket uses it just fine. It’s also 16 feet long!  It is, yet again, on the expensive side for $36 and it comes in blue or pink.


As you can tell, I love PawPrince products. They are very high quality products and made in the USA, so they are well worth the price. I also love how they are a family based company. Their number one goal is to make you and your pet happy!

PawPrince Seatbelt Harness

We had a great opportunity to try the new PawPrince Seatbelt Harness.  You can find it here on amazon (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00SW5YVVO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)


The Secret to Save Your Dog’s Life While Driving
Are you concerned to keep your dog safe while driving distraction free?

Now you can protect your dog while car traveling and drive distraction free with the Best Dog Seatbelt Harness available.

The Best Dog Seatbelt Harness for Loving & Concerned Owners:

The Dog Seat belts guarantees safety and comfort for your dog without causing any inconvenience to you and your family while driving.”

You actually buckle it up in to  the seat belt contraption. Which is really cool!


It seems to be really really sturdy and strong. You put it on like a regular dog harness.

Our only complaint about it is that it runs REALLY REALLY small. We got a large and it barely fit Fling. It also didn’t come with any instructions.



I’ve got a bone for you.


it’s mine

These bones are Virbac C.E.T. Hextra Premium Dental Dog Chews. They range from $9-28.00. They are AMAZING for keeping teeth in good health BUT you have to really watch us when we chew them to make sure we aren’t swallowing huge pieces. We have choked on some of them before. So if you’re looking for something we dogs can chew when not you’re around, these are not for you!

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